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About Us

Gabbi Ray & Gabbi Ray Media

Hi! I'm Gabbi. I started my career in Southwest Florida in 2009 working in corporate radio as an on air personality. Now, almost 15 years in the business, I've taken all my skills and success and I'm offering a personal, unique approach to local marketing with Gabbi Ray Media.

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Starting in corporate radio at 19 years old, I have always had a passion for production, illustration and creative content. From the latest way to use your air fryer, to important news updates, I have always loved engaging with my audience.


A graduate of Florida Gulf Coast University with a Bachelor's of Communications. This degree shows the mastering in the communication of people - how we interact with each other in person and on the internet, how we absorb and relate to information. This degree was just the catalyst to a flourishing career here in Southwest Florida.


Throughout my career, I've held several titles as Production Director, in which I oversaw all commercial writing and production. Many hours spent meeting with clients and helping them develop an ear-catching ad that encompasses their vision.


I most recently was the Creative Marketing Director for Renda Broadcasting in Bonita Springs. In this role, I managed multiple interwoven departments:

  • On Air Commercial Production - recorded and produced long-form shows and podcasts.

  • Marketing - managed station visibility within the community and sponsorship opportunities. Worked directly with clients and sales to create custom promotional packages.

  • Promotions - orchestrated concerts, station events within the community, fundraisers and giveaways.

  • Content Creation & Branding - developed and maintained station websites, social media and created custom artwork and ads for digital advertising.


Gabbi Ray Media, LLC is a direct representation of many years of hard work in an ever-changing industry designed to appeal to the public. 


Personalized, Local Marketing For Your Brand


Content Creation

  • Having an event you want covered? On site photography, live video streams, and more available for your social media!

  • How is your social media going? We pull your stats, send you updates on your viral posts, and more. 


Branding & Vibe

  • Starting a new business? Let us help you find your vibe!
  • Logo creation, graphic design, and product branding specific to your business.
  • Need someone to print and ship your product? If we can't do it, we know someone who can.
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Local Matters

  • Outside marketing companies don't know your business

  • Local to the area, Gabbi Ray Media can travel to your business to meet with you one on one

  • Up to date coverage and representation of your brand will set you above the rest.

Our Clients

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